The Select Guest

Photographs by  Kimberly Genevieve


Featured 9.10-9.16.18 | We’re not going to lie, just looking at Ariel Foxman’s wide-ranging lineup of gigs on his Instagram bio can be rather intimidating: Cielo’s Dad. Digital Content and Fashion Executive. Vanity Fair Cont. Editor. GLAAD Board. Mr. Porter Style Council. Former EIC InStyle, CNP’s Cargo. OK, and that’s *before* we found out Foxman graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and can read Babylonian Aramaic (for the record, we had to look up what that is — and let’s just say we’re still pretty confused). From a career that includes working for titles such as The New Yorker and Details, as well as serving as the first-ever male editor to helm InStyle magazine (!) to his latest role as Vanity Fair Contributing Editor slash Content Consultant slash dad to his new baby son Cielo, it’s safe to say that the fabulous Mr. Fox (man) is truly a modern Renaissance man. Oh, and did we mention this November he’ll be running his first marathon in support of Blue Card, which helps elderly Holocaust survivors meet their basic needs? From career-ing to parenting, we can’t think of anyone better to show us what it takes to graduate magna cum laude from the school of life. Welcome to Ariel’s week.