The Select Guest



Featured 12.25-12.31.17If Aya Kanai looks familiar to you, it’s probably because you’ve seen her — literally — everywhere. From her seat at the judge’s table on Project Runway Jr, where she helps to groom the next generation of fashion designers; to her handiwork dressing major celebs from Jennifer Lawrence to Michelle Williams to Kirsten Dunst; to her perch at the top of Hearst’s empire where she acts as Chief Fashion Director for not one but FIVE of the company’s publications (Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Good Housekeeping, Redbook and Woman's Day, to be exact), Kanai is a fashion rock star to be sure. And not just because she works hard (she does, though. In fact, despite her insane schedule she still manages to return every email we sling at her in zero minutes flat), but because she’s paving the way for female editors to thrive in the world of fashion for today and tomorrow. She’s a proud supporter of female entrepreneurs and dreamers, and her Selects are full of feminine superheroes. And SURPRISE! She’s expecting a baby girl in February — how amazing is that? Here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we be them, and may we raise them.
Welcome to Aya’s week.