I’m pretty classic when it comes to my fashion sense. As I’ve gotten older my style has become much more uniform. If I had to wear the same thing for the rest of my life it would be a crewneck cashmere sweater, the softest thin t-shirt, high-waisted straight leg denim jeans that are long enough for my 6’1 frame, and flats of any kind (I’m partial to Gucci and Prada). And I love my Stubbs and Wootton flats and Gucci velvet loafers! I have had to resole them several times. If it’s warm out, I like a classic Birkenstock sandal. Although I own nice purses, I tend to carry L.L. Bean totes, canvas bags and my favorite tote from Apolis.
My mood influences my style 100%. Some days I feel fancier than others. Some days I want to be casual and really comfortable. I’m not a simple person, so I don’t think my style directly reflects my personality at all times. If anything it can indicate that I am a bit classic and pulled together.

When it comes to accessories, despite having an abundant collection of fun costume jewelry, the pieces I wear everyday are meaningful and delicate. My pinky ring from Retrouvai is my all-time favorite . The inside reads “Anything is Possible.” I wear a tiny gold aspen leaf charm necklace given to me by my boyfriend. Aspen is where we like to ski and spend time together. I have a tiny diamond stud I wear every day from my friend Lizzie Mandler. She is an immensely talented jewelry designer based in LA.

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