The Select Guest

Photographs by  Chloé Crane Leroux

Photographs by Chloé Crane Leroux


Featured 10.15-10.21.18 | It’s hard to pin down the word soulful. Because while the definition — of or expressive of deep feeling or emotion — tells you about it, it’s really much more about how something makes you feel. Or in this week’s case, how *someone* makes you feel. Case in point: Candice Hoyes, whose voice has been compared to Eartha Kitt’s and Nancy Wilson’s (NBD), sings with a force so powerful, it literally shakes your soul. Not to mention that her chills-inducing melodies tap into themes of feminism and black history to remind us of the forever shifting politics of race, class and feminism. And if that’s not soulful, then we don’t what is. Plus, she’s smart. Like really smart. With an undergrad degree from Harvard and a law degree from Columbia, we’re talking more ivy than blues (see what we did there, Beyoncé?). And if you haven’t seen her perform on the hallowed stages of Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center, or caught her work alongside legend Wynton Marsalis, don’t fret: Her second album will be released in 2019 and there’s sure to be plenty of opportunities to surround yourself with her voice that’s smooth as silk, and yes, soulful. Welcome to Candice’s week.