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I feel like it’s sort of difficult to really nail down my personal fashion, because I gravitate towards something and then I just go for it! I don’t really think about the “risk.” I think of what Diana Vreeland said: “Style gets you up in the morning and it gets you down the stairs,” and it’s just so true. When I wake up and know that I have something new and inspiring to show the world, it literally gets me out of bed. 

Lately, I’ve been super into vintage. One of the upsides of my new Floridian home is all these fancy vintage shops! I’ve picked some amazing pieces. For Coachella, I had this brown leather fringe dress with huge shoulders, and black leather chaps with fringe. I feel like now that I’m 30, I’m really starting to gravitate towards vintage and really incorporating it into my everyday style. I think the biggest thing is that you have to look confident and effortless in what you wear. To me, that’s the biggest turn on. 

I’m also excited about my best friend’s new swimline called Same. They just released a new line of suits called Skin by Same which are less expensive but still really high quality —  and they all fit my boobs which is really nice because a lot of bathing suits just don’t fit me (it’s very hard to find suits that fit large breasted women). I also am in the works of starting my own bra line for sizes DD and larger. I feel like there really isn’t a place for big boobs in the lingerie industry, so I’m really trying to find this balance to find something that looks sexy and feels feminine, but is still supportive. I'm hoping to launch in the next six months, so stay tuned