I always describe my personal style as grunge preppy — pretty much my everyday look is ripped jeans and a navy blazer. I’ve worn this since I was a kid, and I always feel great about it. I hate wearing a suit, especially suit pants or anything that feels silky and terrifying like a pajama pant.

Since I grew up in Seattle, I’ll always have a laid-back attitude to dressing. I remember “fancy” in Seattle meaning your black Patagonia fleece. After I moved to NYC and went back over the summer wearing black t-shirts everyone was like “ohhhhhhh, you’re soooooo New York,” Ha.  So I try to keep it 200% cool and casual at all times. Humor, approachability, comfort — all of these aspects reflect my personality in how I dress. And I also always have a big tote with tons of things in it. Preparedness and luck are the two most important accessories.

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When it comes to my style decisions, I’m all about a mix of classics with some off-kilter element.  Right now I’ve been very into vintage Woolrich wool shirts in funny colors — hazard orange, mustard, 1970’s olive green — always a pop of color. Although I typically eschew men’s fashion, I’m also very into fashion pieces – e.g. a Vetements hoodie or an of-the-moment Prada bag. It helps me not feel like a total ragamuffin. Also – I worked in Tokyo for a number of years, so about 75% of what’s in my closet is crazy Japanese stuff from Number (N)ine and Comme des Garçons from the great resale stores like Rag Tag. I always try to pull in something irreverent from that assortment, even with just jeans and a t-shirt. Some of it is super unique — some would say crazy — which seemed OK on the streets of Japan, but sometimes doesn’t translate too well in the states! But it’s fun to look at in the closet every morning.

I’ve always been a diehard Converse All Star fan, but recently I’ve made the switcheroo to Vans, which I feel like looks better at the moment.  There are so many amazing colors in the classic lace-up — I keep ordering them weekly! A Barbour quilted vest is the perfect layering piece and looks natty and cool paired with literally anything.  

I’ve been wearing the J.Crew “Ludlow” blazers for as long as they’ve been around … usually the navy blue with gold buttons, which is my go-to addition to pretty much every look. Even paired with jeans and a vintage tshirt you feel pulled together with that blazer!

Brooks Brothers – boys – navy blazers I have about 20 or 30, no joke. A much better proportion than the adult sizes.

Abercrombie destroyed denim shirts .

Yeezy socks
My new most favorite and I hate wearing socks, generally.

Vintage LL Bean birdseye Shetland sweater

Barbour vest & waxed canvas jacket

Comme des Garçons homme plus shirts

Destroyed Levis 501s

1970s LL Bean leather tote

Nick Fouquet straw hat

Vintage French workwear jackets
I also have quite a number of these

The top trends I’m loving at the moment include oversize outerwear, saying bye bye to cuckoo crazy sneakers, and mixed prints, mixed colors, hippie deluxe fantasy.