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I have a sneaky way of getting new jewelry. I wear the same earrings, necklace and rings so often that my sister can't stand it anymore and sends me something new. This is one of the perks of having a sister who's a phenomenal jewelry designer, Amanda Thomas from LuvAJ and now from Apres Jewelry. This only worked because I can't imagine going out the door without my LuvAJ earrings and necklaces, and now my Apres rings. Amanda's newest line, Apres Jewelry, is her foray into fine jewelry, but still her edge and "not too pretty" eye. I have never gotten so many compliments as on my 30th birthday ring, a 1-carat Canadian Diamond slice with pave trim and barely there rosegold hardware. But then I got my "push present," a 2-carat trio of diamond slices and pave. The rings, necklaces, and earrings from Apres are modern but feminine and incredibly affordable. My new go-to gift for all of my new-mom friends is a name plate necklace with their child's name engraved in metal, and my favorite birthday present is a super thin ring with a pave birthstone nestled on top.  I could not be more proud of her for this new line, and am so excited to see where she takes it.

I am a hyper loyal shopper — when I find a brand that does something I like, I tend to go all in. For jeans, Madewell is my favorite. I have a long torso, long legs and big hips, so finding a line that fits me just right was a challenge. Plus, they're SO comfortable. I love the sort of "French girl" proportions in clothing, but it so rarely looks good on me. Boxy shapes just look dumpy on me, until I found Oak + Fort. It's a Canadian brand that's finally in LA, and I'm obsessed. Somehow, the boxy, large proportions still look cute and flattering on me, every thing is in a neutral tone with zero adornment, and it's super affordable. Love them! And my Clare Vivier purse is a must.

I'm also very practical. I love fashion, and have this alternative fantasy version of myself where I dress like Doris Day or a futuristic librarian everyday, but considering I'm on set, schlepping baby gear, or elbow deep in pie dough every day, that's not realistic. So I collect vintage pieces and save those for special events and moments. On a normal day, I'm in Madewell black jeans, a Rag & Bone button down, my hair in a top knot, Warby Parker sunnies (Tilly in Grapefruit Soda), Jenni Kayne mules, my Apres pieces, and if I need a jacket, probably my Reformation Blazer or a vintage Levi's jean jacket

These are the top items in my closet right now:

Vince Sweaters

Rag & Bone Button Down 

Reformation Coat

Reformation Dress

Jenni Kayne Cardigan 

Jenni Kayne Mules

Madewell Jeans

Madewell Shirt

Warby Parkers

Clare V. 

Clare V. Clutch

Minnetonka Loafers

Olivia Von Halle

Olivia Von Halle Navy Set