I love fashion. I really think that what you wear defines you. I can really get into different clothes of all different kinds of situations. I like to dress depending on what I’m doing. For example, if I’m going to see My Fair Lady or Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I’ll wear a tweed jacket and a tie. I might wear boots, a black t-shirt and jeans to a rock and roll concert. I treat wearing clothes like putting on a costume for the day. One of my pet peeves is when people walk around in sweats. Sweats are for the gym and hanging around the house. Also, I never loved living in LA because I found the fashion there boring. It is rare that people will put an effort into what they wear. Most people are wearing the same thing every day. I get upset when I am at a nice restaurant or even a Broadway show and people are in T-shirts and jeans. How hard is it to put in an effort to looking presentable? 

I am obsessed with online shopping. My favorite sites are Mr. Porter and Children Salon. Mr. Porter is one click away and the clothes usually arrive one to two days after you order. Plus, if you shop there frequently they assign you a personal shopper that reaches out with personalized offerings from the site. As for Children Salon, I buy most of my kids’ clothes here. The selection has all the top brands and the website is really easy to manage. Plus, they have fantastic sales. I sometimes watch out for clothes that are bigger for my kids so I can store them for when they’re older. When they are old enough, it's like a treasure hunt finding clothes you bought three years ago. 

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My favorite kind of clothes are comfortable, fun, bold and colorful. My style is pretty particular, but varies depending on what I’m doing and where I’m going.

Some of my favorite menswear brands are Rag & Bone, AG and Mott and Bow for jeans.

For trousers I like Incotex For plain T-shirts and underwear I like Mack Weldon and Hanro

I am really on a Gucci kick right now. They’re producing some really fantastic clothes and shoes right now. They’re fun, bright and playful. However, sometimes the clothes are a little out there. I am not so bold as to wear a shiny green jumpsuit.

Workout clothes are pretty much a uniform for me. I like how durable and comfortable Rhône and Lululemon are. 

After I get home from a long day I usually put on a comfy sweatshirt from Aviator Nation and I am obsessed with the sweatpants from a French company called Sweet Pants