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I dress like a boy most days! I wear guy's Levi's, I have a ton of different pairs, with big t-shirts and sweatshirts. And my Converse or worn out Adidas Superstars. I don't really put effort into my day to day because I'm usually in the office on the computer by myself, so I want to be comfy. Plus, I think the "I steal my boyfriend's clothes" look on women is especially sexy. I love wearing my Killer And A Sweet Thang tee’s as well. They give me a nice relaxed fit and pair well with Levi’s! You can shop my tees and my vintage clothing.

Some of my go-to retail sites includes Vestiaire Collective where you can get great prices for amazing vintage pieces.

I never wear thongs. My favorite underwear is actually the full-butt cotton undies from The GAP called the Body Bikini Underwear. I have like 100 pairs LOL! I love them because it's very important to let your vagina breathe (Sleep commando!), so I like to stick with cotton underwear. Cotton let's your vag breathe so there's no buildup of moisture and warmth which contributes to the overgrowth of yeast. Which is gross.