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Okay I am a bit biased, but I bring my favorite new designers and fashion finds that I scout and discover onto my site, Runway Passport, so I definitely have to say that you can see my favorites from around the world there. curate pieces that are made by the designers themselves, as opposed to an entire team. I really try to avoid the "trend" mentality, and look for pieces that I think have a voice, vision and real style. I don’t think fashion should end up in landfills after a year — it is so much more meaningful for the person (as well as the planet) to find some pieces that really match your own personal style. As I get to know the designers better, I love learning how these pieces really match their personality.

When I'm not shopping our Runway Passport designers, I try and  support other indie designers and fashion companies.  I love Studio15 — Jia’s (the designer) pieces are unique and easy to wear. She has everything from very woman's rights political T-shirts to nice dresses and fun skirts. I love that you can also get really affordable custom pieces. The collaboration with the designer is a really fun addition. 

For some really elegant and classic pieces, I love Rossi and Rei. She's another female founder supporting Indie Designers from Italy. Our pieces on Runway Passport tend to be a bit edgier and the pieces that Founder Elisa Rossi selects are incredibly elegant. I find it is a great mix and match with our edgier pieces. 

If you have a little sister, daughter or young girl in your life, HERO Backpacks are great gifts. I just got one for my cousin who's starting 6th grade in the Fall. 

And for workout clothes I like Carbon38. They do a great job of adding a fashionable design to fitness style.