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I design my collection — I want everything to be super special.  I have always believed that doing your own thing is the most powerful form of self confidence.  I just got picked up by Barneys New York (the day before I gave birth to my second son they sent me the purchase order!) and I am so excited to have such an incredible platform to share what I love with the world. My collection is based on the idea that doing what you want it the ultimate luxury. I launched the collection at a time when everyone was wearing the same basic logo bags. I wanted to show the world that wearing what everyone else has to prove that you know what's up isn't cool. Whats really cool is having the confidence to explore your own style and to bring that to the world. I see the world very visually. I have a hard time remembering anything unless I write it down. I love to create beautiful things, and I think doing my collection allows me to make the world a little more beautiful. The entire ethos behind the collection is that true luxury is you doing you. I just launched the selfie bags, which are the more perfect iteration of this idea: Each bag is one of a kind and are made in collaboration with Angelica Hicks. You send in your selfie, she sketches it, and I turn it into a python clutch. A walking portrait.


All of my bags are made from python. The idea was to take python — a traditional luxury material — and turn it into something my generation wants to wear. The first thing I designed was the Python Skateboard.  Then came the Stoned Collection which is the idea of what happens to you when you smoke pot. First you smoke, you get bloodshot eyes, you get smiley, you eat pizza and french fries, then you have Lara Stone's lips, and then your brain turns into a fried egg.  I made all of these out of python.  This is the collection selling at Barneys right now.  

As far was my own wardrobe goes, I buy my basics and then add to it with really special pieces. My favorite pieces have come from Barneys New York (free shipping and free returns and it makes it so easy to try on everything with pieces from my closet and send back whatever doesn't work),so it's all full circle: A pair of Chanel stacked heals that I live in, a YSL leather jacket that I live in that was a gift from my husband and a vintage Chanel bomber from the 80s from my mother. And right now I'm loving high waisted jean shorts, Lisa Marie Fernandez bathing suits ( I live in them now!), a YSL leather jacket, Chanel sandals, tops from Ellery and my mini mini bucket bag which happens to constantly be filled with sand — one of the perks of living on the beach.