The Select Guest

Photographs by  Daphne Youree

Photographs by Daphne Youree


There are two kinds of social media out there: The kind that tells our personal stories and the kind that takes the medium to an entirely different level and keeps the world watching with images and stories so captivating, that the very least we can do is double tap. But have you ever stopped to wonder just who the wizard behind the curtain is? Well, while we can’t reveal all of their identities, we can introduce you to Gena Kaufman, the lawyer-turned-digital diva who breaks the Internet on the daily with her work as Director of Social Media for Vogue. (Yes. Vogue). But here’s the real rub: While she’s obviously a genius (did you catch that casual law degree?) and has a post-judiciary CV that reads like the red carpet lineup at the Met Gala (Elle, People StyleWatch, Glamour), Kaufman is also one of those rare humans who’s actually better in real life than she is on your feed (hallelujah!), making her — and the accounts she commands — authentic, real and well worth the scroll time. She’s also low-key cool (have you had a slumber party with Mariah Carey? Ya — didn’t think so) and really freakin’ funny and she’s all ours. IRL.
Welcome to Gena’s week.