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Photographs by  Kimberly Genevieve

Photographs by Kimberly Genevieve


Featured 1.7-1.13.19 | We’re still in the early days of resolution season, and it’s probably safe to say that the standard pledge has something to do with doing better, with being better, right?  A fresh start, a new page, a clean slate — let’s make this year the best one yet. You know the drill. But what if you were already working to be more exceptional every day? Well, then chances are you’d be Gloria Noto. As one of the greatest makeup artists on the planet, she spends her days making people look gorgeous on the outside (Kendall Jenner, Olivia Wilde and Winona Ryder to name a very few), but it’s her work making people feel gorgeous on the inside that’s the real game changer. To wit, her eponymous skincare line, NOTO Botanics, focuses on inclusivity and celebrates all that beauty means in a real and authentic way. So what you won’t find in her small but mighty line of perfectly curated products are cookie cutter images of traditional beauty, because that’s not how she rolls. What you will find, though, is a brand committed to creating natural, organic and high-performing skincare that is, perhaps most importantly,  gender fluid, reinforcing Gloria’s belief that beauty has no sexual identity. But that’s not where her commitment to being better ends. Not by a long shot. Gloria also charges herself with making sure her line is not just about looking good, but about doing good as well, and she takes that responsibility seriously: NOTO Botanics has raised more than 15K for the organizations she and her company stand with, including Planned Parenthood, and the Los Angeles LGBT Center among many others, ensuring that she’s always paying her unique brand of artistry forward. Turns out beauty really is an inside job.
Welcome to Gloria’s week.