I have never been able to put one style on my identity — it’s been all over the place since I was a kid. I have never been into one solid thing for too long. Starting with music, I listen to everything from Brian Eno to This Mortal Coil to Boards of Canada to My bloody Valentine to A tribe Called Quest to…you get the point. So that is reflected in my style. My mood changes daily — sometimes I am really into wearing a beanie and a tee shirt. Other days I want to be covered in velvet and silk. Some days it’s neutral tones, and other days it’s stripes mixed with plaid mixed with polka dots. Honestly. I love accessorizing with coats, shoes, hats and jewelry. I used to have stretched gauges in my ears that never fully tightened back up. So now I place as many earrings as I can possibly fit into each earlobe. I have about six or seven gold hoops or other types of pieces in each one. My fingers are also covered in rings. I have one hand dedicated to silver rings (my J.Hanna Pinky ring on the left and my Gabriela ArtIgas ring on my right pinky) and the other dedicated to gold.

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I love hats. I have maybe about 60 of them and I know that is too many for one person to own, believe me. But I wear them all. I love cleaning out my closet and donating everything I can every few months. It feels cleansing to get rid of things and gift them to others, even if it’s just one or two pieces. But I also try to buy pieces I know I will have until they fall off of my body. I love these Ann Demeulemeester Oxfords that I just got. They are simple and go with everything but still feel elevated. I love my Margiela Tabi Boots that I will wear with my amber colored velvet socks from Darner (yes, velvet socks). I have wanted those shoes since I was about 10 and last year I finally gifted them to myself. I work really hard, so sometimes I don’t mind spending a little bit on myself for something of good quality and deep desire.

I have this incredible amber orange crushed velvet Collina Strada jacket that I got from my good friend Geraldine’s store, LCD (Multiple Locations). It feels so amazing on and people love to pet me when I wear it, so it’s a win-win (and an extra win for me) situation. Two really good friends own a line called The Great Eros. Christina Viviani is the designer and she knows a woman’s body so well. Being a woman with curves, I always feel so good in her clothing. There’s something about the fit that makes it feel like it works with my body type but also feels so good on my skin. I have a pair of silk pants from them that I live in, and are my “flying” pants. I wear them when I travel because the silk is so comforting on the skin but I also still look nice wearing them.

I mainly work from my loft these days — I have a home office and produce my company’s products on the bottom floor, so I get to keep it pretty casual most days. It’s still really important for me to feel like I am getting ready in my day, so although I am casual, I am still feeling good. I love wearing my Otherwild tee that says “The Future is Female” or my Everybody World Trash tee that feels so good on my skin. When I leave the house for a meeting or if I am doing makeup on set, I love to wear things that bring out more of my eccentric side. I kind of like giving life to my alter ego — that’s when the orange crushed velvet comes out.

My current favorite sweater is this one from Vince. It's so fluffy and soft. The color is amazing, and I love wearing it on the weekend when I want to feel comfortable but still cute :)