I like simple and classic fashion.  I like comfortable jeans, sneakers, worn-in white tees, tanks and cashmere sweaters.

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Golden Goose High Tops.  I call these my lesbian Louboutins. They are my go-to for every occasion. Casual or fancy, I’ll find a way to rock my Goldens.  

Current Elliot Muscle Tank. I think one of the hardest things to find is a simple, everyday tank. This is my go-to. I have it in black, grey and white and pretty much call this my uniform.

Mother Vagabond Crop Fray Jeans. They just fit so perfectly!  I’m a tough one for jeans because my waist is small and my quads are strong! These are the first jeans I’ve found to fit comfortably. 

Aviator Nation 5 Stripe Vintage Hoodie.  I die for their sweats.  Just so comfy. Surfer Chic. I wear them in my jeep to surf in Montauk most mornings.  Especially this white one with blue stripes. 



Esky Flavor Trucker Hats.  They just fit. And they’re cool. I like an easy, laid back vibe. I keep my hats handy for summer days in my jeep. My go-to is my pink one with LOVE on the front.