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I love Jennifer Fisher Jewelry. She makes everyone feel like the cool girl!

I'm a big fan of Stella McCartney shoes. I just bought a pair of her platform sandals with gold stars all over them. So cool. 

My standard work uniform right now is a black t-shirt and my Gucci cropped embellished crepe flared black pants. They are so comfortable and kind of go with any situation. 

I can't live without my Dior Abstract Square Mirrored Sunglasses. I have to protect my eyes from the sun and these are the best. 

I love Gorrin Bros for fedoras. I have a collection both here and LA, so my face is fully protected at all times! 

I just got the best little bag for Mother's Day – it's by Want Les Essentiels and it’s their Demiranda Shoulder Bag. It holds all the essentials without being heavy.