Every Mother Counts: Being a mother myself and having had a VERY difficult delivery with my first (her heart stopped), I know how important the work that EMC is doing. Having support during childbirth shouldn't be a luxury regardless of your background. Christy Turlington and her team are on the ground educating doulas throughout the world. This is tangible work and makes a difference! I ran my first half marathon in support of EMC last spring and intend to run another this year.

Robin Hood: Wes Moore is such an inspiration to me. The work that Robin Hood does to support charities throughout NY that fight poverty is bar none. I love supporting organizations in my backyard and specifically ones that support children. So many kids are dealt an unfair hand. The charities Robin Hood works with aim to change their path in life.

Housing Plus: This is an organization my mother works with. I am so proud of the changes she has made for this incredible charity. They provide community-based permanent housing and comprehensive services to women, including women with children to support them in overcoming poverty, homelessness, addiction, and the effects of incarceration. Their goal is to help women build stable lives for themselves and their families.