We moved into our house a year ago and it is still a work in progress, but I absolutely love it! It overlooks an 85-acre nature preserve. Our living room/kitchen area is the happiest place in the house (besides the playroom which is THE BEST). The living room has so much natural light that we barely turn the lights on during the day. My furniture is much like my personal style: A mix of antiques, new and custom pieces. I have artwork that I've bought from flea markets and small galleries. I also have a few pieces I inherited from my Dad that are very special to me.

Our kitchen is the one area we gutted and designed. This was important to me when designing the house because the kitchen is where everyone congregates and I love entertaining. We designed an oversized kitchen block counter where we eat when we aren't entertaining. The kitchen tile is a fun Moroccan pattern in a beautiful bright white that makes the room sparkle in the day. I love cooking in this kitchen because you have so much space and it's such an inspiring place to work!

Finally my bedroom is my sanctuary! The bed looks out on the preserve and in the morning you feel like you are waking up in a treehouse with the birds chirping like crazy. I have very few pieces of furniture in the room and the pieces we do have, are very special; an ornate bamboo like bed, a built in sofa overlooking the preserve, antique side tables and beautiful framed antique textiles from Kenya and Argentina!