I love to cook but I hate recipes. I am not a rule follower so cookbooks make me feel trapped! I am a master at shepherd's pie, fish tacos and spaghetti bolognese. My favorite kitchen tool is my giant cutting board from John Derian! It makes chopping easy as I have plenty of space!

I despise diets and most importantly talking about diets because they make me obsess over food thus eat more and gain weight.

I co-own two restaurants, Wolffer Kitchen, one in Sag Harbor (29 Main Street, Sag Harbor, NY; +1 631 725 0101) and the other in Amagansett (4 Amagansett Square Drive, Amagansett, NY; +1 631 267 2764)! They also happen to be local favorites of mine. Wolffer Kitchen Amagansett is a personal favorite because the ambiance, the food and the wine are quintessential Wolffer.

Obviously wine is a big part of my life! I work on the marketing and PR for the winery, but I love learning about blending and pairing wine with different foods. While we are known for our rosés, we have a great assortment of reds. My favorite red is our Landius Pinot Noir!

My favorite foods are steamed clams, mushrooms and grapes! When I was three, my mom delivered me an enormous bowl of grapes. I was so excited that I didn't dive in because I didn't know where to start.