I am the worst at packing advice. I always take too much, BUT I am a pro at what you need on the plane: A cozy scarf, a warm sweater (I love my new LaLigne bright orange striped sweater), tall socks (Target special), eye mask, True Botanicals Renew Nutrient Mist, Aquaphor lip balm, and a good book (right now I'm reading Educated)!

The best trips I have taken in my life are Bali, Kenya and Morocco. My husband spent his teen years in Indonesia. When my first daughter, Nell, was five months old, we traveled to Bali for two weeks. It was magical. Our favorite time there was spent in a beautiful home overlooking the jungle in Ubud. Ubud is one of the most spiritual places I have ever been in my life. Between yoga, hikes and sightseeing, our days were filled. We also did a lot of furniture shopping (although we never actually purchased anything because we were too zen to deal with shipping!). Indonesian food is number one on my list of favorites, namely nasi goreng which is basically a better version of fried rice!

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We went to Kenya pre-kids for a friend’s wedding. We spent the first three days of the vacation with friends on Safari in the Serengeti. I am an animal lover and this was another place that I felt so happy and at peace. It was so unlike anything I'd ever seen or done! You truly feel the closest possible to the earth and mother nature. We woke up in the night to a herd of elephants passing through one night!

We traveled around Morocco when we got engaged in 2010. My husband proposed to me in the Sahara Desert under a sky of a billion stars. It was us, a Berber guide and a couple camels. I don't know if I can remember another moment when I was that happy (OK, maybe the births of my girls)! We drove through Fes, Essouira, the Atlas Mountains and ended in Marrakech. This was another trip brimming with culture and experiences I have never had before! The markets are incredible and I love negotiating, so I had a lot of fun exploring. My favorite finds were antique textiles.