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I've always collected SUPREME but, right now I'm really having a moment. I want anything and everything! I try to reason with myself and say oh I don't need that and then ... I NEED IT. I can't wait for the LV collaboration to hit the stores. For people looking for that one Supreme item, try Ebay. I've found so many goodies there.

I have a major sneaker problem. MAJOR.  It's becoming serious.  The colors that I'm most drawn to, especially with kicks, are primary colors, usually pops of them — like really good reds, blues and orange on black and grey. I also do love a good hot pink. But, it has to be RIGHT.

Anita Ko Number studs are so fun and easy to wear. I love any jewelry that you can make personal, punch in that area code playas! Her ear cuffs are a must! I love anklets, and this is good one

I love these sweatpants, I wear them 24/7 and this sweatshirt is so cozy and you can wear it so many different ways, with cutoffs or a skirt.

Denim goes with everything and so do these shoes.

Super fly kicks!  Nothing looks fresher than a white high top.

These pants are so dope and so comfortable. Can be worn with heels or sneakers.

I am a sock kinda girl, lately with slides

And of course I'm super excited about the SIMONE sweatsuits, which are launching in July.

I'm also loving all the KITH women's stuff. I recently got this top and dress.