I work very hard to wear everything head-to-toe female founded or one of the designers or brands that we carry. I absolutely love Zimmermann and their story. They were initially a bathing suit brand, and then they just swam upstream (pun-intended) in such a compelling way. They’ve also taken the American market by storm, but still feel relatively undiscovered.

Whenever I wear a piece, most people ask, “Where’d you get that dress? It’s beautiful.” When I’m not wearing Carbon38, my everyday outfit typically looks like a leather jacket from LTH, a Zimmermann dress, my Dior earrings, Stance socks, Cosabella underwear and Golden Goose sneakers.

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I also live for my Pre-Jay’s (the outfit you throw on when you get home from work that you change into before you actually put on your PJs). So when I get home and throw on my Pre-Jay’s, I’m still a boss even when I‘m accepting my Postmates order at my apartment. My faves are my Sundry Pre-Jay’s with stars in the navy blue. I love them so much, and I gifted them to everyone I know because they’re so great.