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I am a minimalist and a uniform girl. I really do not want to think about clothes — I need for them to be comfortable and well made, and blank canvases for my accessories which I love to express myself with and change up all the time (why I design them!) I have a specific palette. I appreciate beautiful tailoring and love a blazer or suit. I like neutrals mainly, including black and white. No print. No frills. I have always dressed this way. If it suits me, I will buy multiples of the same piece in all of my colors. For special events I will pick up something special from my friend Juan Carlos Obando. Vince , Hesperios, I Pezzi Dipinti, Tomas Maier, Levi’s or Frame denim, Saint Laurent and The Row are my go to’s.

For shoes I wear either flat or really high. Nothing in between. Birkenstocks, Gianvito Rossi, Saint Laurent and Manolo Blahniks are my staples.