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Photographs by  Kimbra Audrey

Photographs by Kimbra Audrey


Featured 9.9-9.15.19 | If you want something done right, DIY, right? But can you apply that adage to a fashion model being photographed? The answer is yes, you can if you’re artist Kimbra Audrey. The stunning former model has found a way to express her creativity — and capture natural beauty — by working on both sides of the camera. She first began experimenting with self portraits as a cathartic way to reclaim and rebuild her own self image — something that had been badly damaged and warped by years spent working in an industry that’s all about projecting superficial, airbrushed beauty. Audrey wanted out. So, after nearly a decade of trying to force herself into the mold of a ‘perfect’ model in NYC, she quit the biz and moved to Paris. Because where else would you go to reinvent yourself? Her departure from today’s digital dogma could not have been more deliberate: she shoots exclusively on film, develops and prints all of her images at home and does not retouch her images. We’ll say that one again: she does not retouch her images (including this week’s photos, all self-portraits shot by Audrey). It was in the darkroom that she began to make peace with her own darkness. Processing these images — savoring the beauty of the natural imperfections that come through shooting film — has helped her cope with depression, something she’s struggled with her whole life. And pouring her raw, authentic self into her art is paying off: her work has appeared in i-D, Italian Vogue and W magazine. She also donates prints to raise money for Unicef and Project Period, and true to her vegan and environmentally minded values, Audrey works only with sustainable brands. This is a woman dedicated to living clean (except for the odd cigarette. Paris, remember?) — starting each day with a glass of fresh celery juice, shopping for organic produce at her local farmers market and practicing yoga regularly. Is all this talk of earthy goodness making you feel like a natural woman? Same.
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