FASHION | piña para la niña

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My favorite item of jewelry is this golden pineapple made by Colombian jewelry brand Floramazona. You can follow their Instagram to see all their gorgeous tropical designs. I never take my pineapple off — it has special meaning for me. It's a symbol of hospitality, a symbol of my home Australian state of Queensland (we even have a giant pineapple!), its kitsch and tropical, and also represents the local saying piña para la niña (pineapple for the little girl) embodying my personal philosophy of living with a childlike wonder for the world and everything in it.  

Walking in the sun all day I use these kimono-type capes as a lightweight and colourful way to cover up. I basically cut a pattern from a design I liked and now I love scrounging through fabric stores for pretty prints and patterns to create dozens of different versions. When I'm stateside, I stock up on ready made ones at Urban Outfitters.

Nike Free RN: These are my go to shoes for travel. The all-black means I can wear with opaques for socializing, and they are so comfortable and light for running.