My style is 90% very classic, 10% experimental. My daily outfits are usually a basic tee, Levi’s and a pair of flats or sneakers.

For me, clothing should be easy and not fussy. You want your clothes to make you feel good and confident, but they shouldn’t stress you out when you’re getting dressed. This has been my philosophy my whole career: How do I make clothes that are effortless, make you feel amazing and still make a statement? My mission has been to find the answer to this through creating LNA. I set out to design wardrobe builders and staples. We all have our favorite items that we know no matter what, make us feel good. For me that’s the perfect t-shirt.

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My current LNA favorite tees are the Drapey Modal Lyle Sleeveless Tank, the Essential Tri Blend Mason Crew Tee and the Essential Cotton Reese V Tee.

In my opinion, there is nothing cooler than a girl in a white tee, blue Levi’s and a leather jacket. This is an outfit that has stood the test of time and will never go out of style. I have built a business on designing the perfect white tee, and 12 years later, that’s still my mission. Because my clothing tends to be on the minimal or classic side, I like to have fun with shoes and accessories. I couldn’t resist the Gucci fur loafer trend and opted for the zebra ones and magenta with fur. I like adding something slightly loud when my outfit is minimal.

I get stopped at least once a day lately asking about my new Levi’s. I now have 3 pairs of them because they are that good!

I also have a pretty big Vans collection. Vans will always be cool. I grew up with a bunch of surf and skate kids in San Diego so Vans have been part of my closest since I was a kid.

My favorite Vans are the ones with the flames on the sides.

For accessories my favorite brand is Luv Aj. My friend Amanda is the owner/designer and I wear at least one piece of her jewelry every day. It’s amazing what adding a cool pair of earrings does to make me feel more dressed up.

To keep things easy for nighttime I usually just throw on a leather jacket and a pair of heels.

I am still a huge Alexander Wang fan for heels because he always does an unexpected take on the classic black heel. Plus, his shoes are actually comfortable! I refuse to wear shoes that hurt or I can’t walk in!