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Mixing fabrics and playing around with different textural elements comes naturally to me, especially when making a floral arrangement. I like these Pierre Hardy sneakers because they incorporate leather and suede.

This Pierre Hardy Cube Perspective Pouch reminds me of the tiling in our LMD offices. It was one of the first design elements I selected for our headquarters and I never grow tired of it. In fact, I wrapped all of my Christmas gifts last year in a similar print!

Living in New York City as a floral and event designer means I take lots of meetings all over town. My preferred method of transport is my vintage bike. It’s an oldie but a goodie with a weathered wicker basket in the front. If I ever upgraded, this Tokyo Bike would be my first choice. It’s classic and sporty but comfortable and lightweight.

I’m a paper goods and stationary fanatic. There is always a neatly spun cup of freshly sharpened pencils on the LMD conference table. (One of the littlest details at work that brings me the greatest joy.) CW Pencils are made for pencil nerds and true enthusiasts. I just love the functionality, the heritage and beauty of these pencils, and if you think about it, the pencil is something which despite advances in technology will never become obsolete or out of style.

I am not usually drawn to elaborate bags and luggage but I can’t resist this fanciful Gucci backpack