I’m a pants girl and in all honesty, I wear J BRAND six days a week. While I’m obviously biased, their denim makes me feel better than any other brand I’ve worn. Our design team has really nailed the high-rise moment with the Carolina which fans have dubbed “the super model jean,” and the classic Maria in Vanity always kills. When it comes to rigid, The Heather is my go-to. And if I want to punch it up on the weekend, I pull out the Natasha in black leather. Something about the silhouette does magical things to my appearance I really appreciate.

Dressing overall is an emotional thing for me. It’s my armor and I take a more masculine slant to it for sure. My wardrobe is largely black with a smattering of red. Blame it on the ten years I lived I NYC. When it comes to footwear, there’s nothing I disdain more than a high heel. To me it’s hardly feminist to suggest women be uncomfortable for the sake of looking “sexy.” I much prefer a combat boot even in the summer. They look dope with a slip dress or a short skirt and ribbed socks.

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I’ve been pairing a leather jacket over florals and oversized band tees since I was 11, much to my conservative Midwestern parent’s dismay. I plan to carry this look well into my senior years. BLK DNM, Saint Laurent and ACNE have the best leather jackets in my opinion.

I’m not a huge jewelry person, but I do like to find easy pieces I can wear with anything. I’ve been wearing this Sophie Buhai leather choker for the past six months almost exclusively. It’s very The Craft meets Fashion Editor.