I’m really proud of the evolution of the @jbrandjeans Instagram channel! (Fun fact: they have the largest following of any denim brand — which is pretty major!) And I love @BOF’s @DietPradafor breaking fashion intel.

Other than my rescue dog, Blanket, I try not to post anything personal on social media. I save all of that for my writing. My posts are largely creative and style focused. 

I’ve been working in social media for years, but that means absolutely nada because the landscape is constantly shifting. I’m in no way a maven in the space but I will say it doesn’t take a gen z’er to sniff out insincere content. I don’t care if someone is posting sexy selfies all day long as long as that’s them living their truth. If it’s not, it won’t be sustainable. If it is, good for them. 

I always love seeing influential people use their platform for good (@karlawelchstylist). For a long time, it was faux pas to get political via social. Brands considered it suicide, citing alienation. I personally think that reasoning is stale and irresponsible. If you don’t have core values what do you have? 

I love watching Insta Stories. It’s raw and entertaining (@VirgilAbloh’s and @DietPrada’s are especially great). Though I can’t imagine how traumatizing it must be for teenagers to have access to that 24-hour lens among peers. That makes me sound so old haha! 

And last but certainly not least, I can’t possibly be alone in saying the greatest invention of 2018 has been the MUTE functionality on IG. On behalf of all users, thank you Instagram!