Carly Morgan designed this lamp from terrazzo which I’m obsessed with. I even used it in an ad campaign.

I am a fan of the apartment by the LINE home section. Everything feels like a statement piece, from these Souda Coasters to the ASH arc stool.

I usually write at home, and I’ve found it’s helpful to make the space as cozy as possible before settling in to what can be a grueling experience. My home scent is Byredo Burning Rose. I have at least one in every room.

Between my office job and my personal writing, I’m pretty much working seven days a week. So when I do get to sleep every minute counts. I invested in a set of Parachute linen sheets for my birthday, and boy has it paid off. When my mind won’t turn off I ask Alexa to play meditation sounds windy meadow. It knocks me right out.