I am a Pilates devotee, and I accredit it with keeping me sane since my days in NYC. Truly it’s my form of meditation. In NYC I love SLT and in LA, I belong to Club Pilates. I try to go every day and I always feel off if I miss a class. Club Pilates is perfect for me because their classes incorporate weights, cardio and TRX suspension training. I get bored super easily with routines and I love that they push me physically and mentally each visit. If I had time, I’d go twice a day.

I’m usually wearing this niche brand called Koral when I work out. They found me on Instagram when I first moved to LA, and I fell in love with their aesthetic. Their designs are simple-edgy — think black, netting, leather trims, ultra-high-waist pants and cropped muscle tanks. Wardrobe is a pretty important form of expression to me and so it’s nice to have found a brand where I still feel like me when I work out. Literally all of their designs look great when topped with a leather jacket.


First and foremost, a healthy diet is the most important component in my skin care routine. If I consume processed foods my face shows it and no amount of saint Dr. Barbara Sturm can save me. Though the Leahlani Mermaid Superfood face mask is an excellent exfoliator.

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When it comes to shopping beauty, I have one big rule that I adopted during my days as weekend editor at Byrdie: Read the label! I try to stick to products with ingredients I know. When in doubt, or just overwhelmed, I use the app Think Dirty which categorizes beauty products by toxicity level. Skin is our biggest organ, and you’d be SHOCKED at how many carcinogens are packed into those pricey luxury products.

Sunblock is crucial to my existence. I’m so pale I’m nearly clear, so three seconds in the LA sun burns me if I’m not protected. I’m a fan of Coola’s organic SPF!

I’ve always been awful at buying and taking vitamins. So I subscribed to Care/Of, which delivers personalized daily doses with little inspirational sayings on them. So far, it’s helped.

In truth, I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to makeup, save for my year-round cherry red gel manicure. My goal is simple: Try to look like the same human being more or less when I wake up in the morning as I do when I go on a date. I love the line RMS and wear their Living Luminizer probably five days a week. The founder is a former makeup artist who experienced health issues due to exposure to toxic ingredients in cosmetics. She launched her RMS beauty line and it is probably the best makeup offering I’ve found in the organic space. I love RMS Lip Shine in Sacred if I’m really committing to a lip.

Probably the best haunt for beauty products in all of LA is the incredibly un-chic looking Larchmont Beauty (208 North Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles; +1 323 461 0162). They recently turned me onto Peter Thomas 24K Gold Eye Patches, which are worth the investment if you suffer from unfavorable undereye situations on any less than 12 hours of sleep like moi.