My style is eclectic, fluffy, crazed, cheap, outrageously expensive and I almost always wear the same thing: Sleepy Jones Silk Pajamas with my special slippers, hair in a crown braid, all of my jewelry on. Fingernails and toenails painted tiger lily orange.


Kimberly McDonald Some of the most beautiful and creative jewelry I have ever seen. The colors she finds are so vivid they make your eyes swim. She is a true talent.

Sentimental jewelry trinkets given to me by treasured friends, clients and my business partner. A waveform in gold, Blessed Mother from Medjugorje in Bosnia & Herzegovina, a gold chain of my mother’s. I’m on the lookout for a Hamsa and an all seeing eye. I returned both to the dear friends who lent them to me during a hard stretch in my life. Once I felt like I had my bearings again, I returned them. Eventually these two will complete my personal necklace chandelier.

Zofia Day - the baguette bar ring.



San Diego Hat Company Great hat if I’m gardening or going on a short hike ... .not gonna lie these are few and far between, as I get my exercise running from gate to gate at the airport. If it gets filthy I can throw it in the washing machine. I can structure it as the sun moves to shield my face

Callanan Millinery leopard print felt hat. Vintage, given to me by a dear friend. It’s so outrageous. She knew she would never wear it and I’m the only person who would. Has a brim that can be shaped. I reform it to a bowler hat or cowboy with a tilt depending on where I am.

My very most favorite: Lola Hat - big straw Every time I wear it I get 7,000 compliments, it’s crazy.


Vince Camuto cheetah print - at this point... you’ve probably figured out I love cheetah print. Chunky heel, ankle strap, comfortable.

Melissa red wedge plastic shoes. They mold to your feet and I can work on my feet in these for 8 plus hours. Mine have held up for 3 years and been around the world. The peep toe, ankle strap wedges in your color are truly a score.


Poppy Orange high waisted bell bottom pants by Delfina Balda

Yasmine Eslami: bra and panty set (black bondage with nude mesh)

Desiree Klein: white with a huge cowl neck with rope at arm and neck

Glad Hours: purple amethyst pajama set

Jourden: white Shirt Dress with Hoop Skirt bottom

Fleur du Mal: pajamas - daytime and nighttime.