I'm incredibly lucky that I have a lot of friends who work in fashion who constantly give me new perspectives on things and styles. I love matching high end pieces with vintage pieces or things that aren’t as expensive. I love stores like Dover Street Market (160 Lexington Ave, NYC; +1 646 837 7750) where you can find a lot of really interesting designers that aren't necessarily super well known or are more up and coming. I'm incredibly big into streetwear and I have a pretty extensive collection of Supreme and Off-White (not to mention most of the sneakers Virgil did with Nike). I also recently picked up a bunch of pieces from Virgil’s new collection with Louis Vuitton, so that was really exciting to see it trickling in.

The one thing I love more than anything though are hoodies. I have a full clothing rack in my apt of all hoodies, organized by color. It's a little excessive but I love feeling cozy. I have two favorite hoodies that also happen to be incredibly affordable and cozy. One of them is from my friend Matt Scanlan's brand, Naadam Cashmere. He's totally changed the cashmere market and makes incredibly affordable 100% cashmere hoodies that I practically live in. The other one is this brand KNOWLITA. They have a series of NY-centric hoodies that say "New York or Nowhere" and people always really love them. For winter I try and wear the same coat all season so that I don't take up a ton of space in my closet and this season I splurged a little and went for an Yves Salomon fur parka. Not only is it incredibly warm but it also looks great.

I have a pretty solid sneaker collection and thanks to the help of some friends I have a lot of the Virgil Abloh x Nike collaboration sneakers, which I pretty much wear on rotation every day.

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I spend a lot of time reading sites like SSENSE and I recently got into SEAM, which is a retail app that my friend Jake Woolf co-founded. It's really changing the way that people are shopping and consuming content, and the pieces they have on there tend to be out of the norm and therefore much more interesting. I love having fun with my style and always wearing something that is a little out of the ordinary. Whether it be a Ralph Lauren x Palace sweater (with the RL bear doing a kickflip) or my Pornhub holiday sweater (a gift from my friend who is the marketing director at pornhub, I promise), there's always something about my outfit that stands out a little.