Years ago, my boyfriend and I went to Paris and we made a concerted effort to dress for Paris. As if we were different people than our ordinary selves. No jeans, no sneakers. Smart, classy and fun were the adjectives we tossed about to describe our sartorial style for the City of Lights. It was a whimsical exercise and we both came home feeling that it would not be so hard to extend the idea into our everyday New York life. Or at least try a few times a week. The point is I like to dress up. I’m an actor so I get to play dress up all the time and wear clothes I would never imagine purchasing for myself. That in turn, opens one to the notion of venturing out of one’s comfort zone.

My go-to’s are classic in nature. I love Todd Snyder. He was the designer at J Crew before starting his own line. His clothes are stylish, well tailored and classic. Dana Schiller over at Brooks Brothers has been very generous to me over the years, providing gorgeous and often bespoke suits to wear to premieres and events. Both Todd Snyder and Brooks Brothers provided the wardrobe for the lead character of my film, Sell By, who is an online influencer.

A lot of my closet is filled with clothes from Uniqlo. I find the price point and the style to be excellent. And I love to mix high and low, say, a Uniqlo cotton pique polo shirt with a cashmere Brooks Brothers suit. Speaking of cashmere, the crewneck cashmere sweaters at Uniqlo are a steal. And I don’t dry clean them; I use the hand wash cycle with some Woolite.

J Crew never fails. They continue to outfit men in a timeless way. I love their “special wash” line of button down shirts.


And remember what I said about jeans and how judgy I sounded? I still wear them a bunch. I love APC raw selvedge denim. And I never wash them. Like ever. I do, after some time, spray with healthy amounts of vodka. Maybe a few spritzes find their way into my mouth.

I don’t wear much jewelry, but I do love a watch. Todd Snyder has an affordable collaboration with Timex. The watches are gorgeous. I have a couple of vintage working man’s watches from my grandfather, the butcher, which I value above all else. I love the life a vintage watch has had, and when I wear my grandfather’s watch, I feel like I’m able to have a part of him with me.


In addition to my light fixture and vintage barware addictions I have another weakness: Eyewear. I will confess. I cheated. On my eye exam in 6th grade. Who cheats on an eye exam? Well, someone who really really wanted to wear glasses. I thought they were the coolest accessory to have on my 11-year-old head. I did have eyesight that needed correction, but I wanted to MAKE SURE I was walking out of Dr. Doty's office with a pair of specs, which I did. They were gold wire frames, you might call them Dahmer-esque these days. I walked into homeroom feeling like I was in my own Jordache commercial, only to be immediately reminded by my teasing classmates that glasses were not cool. I went underground with contacts in 8th grade, but now that I'm truly blind as a bat (coke bottle lenses), I LOVE wearing glasses. Most of my finds are vintage from Fabulous Fanny’s on 9th St (335 E 9th Street, New York; +1 212 533 0637) and the rest are Warby Parker. WB gives a pair of frames to someone in need for every pair you purchase.

Somehow I have three tuxedos. I love a tuxedo. I think it's from when I was a kid and wanted to be at the Oscars or the Tonys or it was my love of James Bond. All I know is when an invitation reads "formal" or "black tie," I am IN! Even if I don't get a ton of those invites, I still find cause to don black tie. Friend's birthday party in their apartment? Yup! Christmas dinner at home with the boyfriend? You bet! Stoop party? Well, not yet, but summer has begun!