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Featured 3.26-4.1.18 | It's not often we find ourselves featuring a male guest on The Select 7, but Patrick Janelle isn't just any guy — even his Instagram handle, @aguynamedpatrick, plays to the fact that he's anything but. In fact, the Colorado native has parlayed his Insta-worthy lifestyle into a serious business, taking what we all think of as Insta-Fame to an entirely new level ( I mean, he won the first-ever CFDA Fashion Instagrammer of the Year award, so they agree). But the truth is, he's much more than just a really good 'grammer. From his humble beginnings as the star of his local theatre's production of The Sound of Music at the age of 9 and his turn as a Congressional Page at 16, his work has graduated to the art department at Bon Appétit magazine and subsequent brand partnerships with some of the most notable companies in the world. Did we mention he founded Spring Street Social Society, a membership club that brings people together in unexpected places and The Liquor Cabinet, a mobile app for making perfect cocktails? He's a creative director and ultimate man about town, and we know you're gonna want to follow him. Welcome to Patrick's week.