Mine is a classic Italian lady look: V-neck wool and cashmere sweaters (TSE, Uniqlo) worn with tank tops I buy by the dozen in open-air Italian markets and slim black pants and jeans (Old Navy, Zadig & Voltaire), and fitted dresses in dark solids or bold patterns. I have about 20 Herion dresses hanging in my closet, and I hope they never wear out. The dresses are wrinkle-proof and the separates go everywhere: I wear a professional traveler’s uniform every day. I go through flats at a crazy pace because I walk everywhere and have somehow ended up with four pairs of gold shoes in the last year. I have two pairs of Jibs Life sneakers that I wear everywhere — one in leopard print and another with, er, gold toes. Because I’m clearly working a variation on the ruby slippers theme. I love heels and, though I don’t wear them as much as I used to, I have every pair I’ve ever owned. I’m a sucker for anything with a snakeskin print on shoes or bags, and have too many eel-skin and shagreen wallets and accessories, purchased in Buenos Aires, Seoul and Amsterdam. A few years ago I bought a stash of scarves at Shaw Brothers in Delhi, and haven’t taken them off since. I get attached to clothes and accessories and have a hard time parting with them, even when the moths have had their feasts. (Okay, maybe that’s when I hit my limit.) My most treasured garments are the dresses custom-made for my mother in the 1960s by her seamstress, which she brought over in trunks when she moved from Italy to America, and I still wear.

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