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Oh boy ... this is a long one for me. I am a devotee to the temple that is Celine, and I basically covet everything that Phoebe Philo designs. But my style is eclectic, and as such I love designers including Natasha Zinko, Rosie Assoulin, Attico, Ms. Min, Sacai, and the queen mother of it all Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garcons. For me, fashion is about being yourself while taking risks, it's about being playful and having fun, but also having a point of view. I wear all sorts of things, but living in LA has certainly helped me streamline my wardrobe. There are many things I can't live without, including fur slides from Natasha Zinko, cashmere sweaters from Celine, my favorite Phillip Lim trench coat, vintage Levi's 501's, gorgeous dresses from Rosie, and jewelry from my all time favorite Sara Beltran. Sometimes I think people in LA think I'm crazy for the things I wear (especially at my daughters school), but I don't think just because you are in a new place you should change who you are or your perspective entirely. For me it's all about the mix and having fun, but being comfortable, and that pretty much is consistent in every part of my life (from school pick up to Paris fashion week).