My style is highly situational. I dress for the occasion as long as I still feel like myself while doing it. For example, I’ll wear bold button ups, jeans and heels in most business situations, but like statement outfits which would attract a comment or question to pull people out of their usual shells and out of their comfort zones. I almost always  like to err on the side of overdressing in formal situations, I always wear heels while working, but on weekends you’ll find me in t-shirts, jean shorts, a baseball cap and flip flops. I also always, always have my nails and toes painted. Since I was a girl, while mostly very tomboyish, the nails were always painted. It just makes things come together for me, and I actually feel calmer when they’re painted. Sounds a bit corny, I know, but we all have our things.  

If you had to wear the same thing every day for the rest of your life, what would be? If I had to wear the same thing every day, it would be a James Perse tank top with Mother Jeans and if my feet tolerated it, a nice suede heel with a pair of earrings and that’s it.  My faves are my Gianvito Rossi Suede Heels. I have used and abused mine and they still hold up. They were a splurge, but for every five shoes I would have purchased, this outlasted them all. They probably need a little repair by now or maybe time for the grey ones.  I consider style an investment as, like it or not, your appearance matters in business and otherwise and can speak volumes of you. While humans aren’t perfect, and striving for perfection is futile, you can have the perfect shoe. As they say wake up, dress up and show up. It works, trust me.

I have a moto jacket in every color, except olive green and navy which are a must. You can’t go wrong with a moto jacket in just about any outfit. Other fashion loves: Sandromy Maje black leather chain belt is a winner and then there are a pair of Black Jimmy Choo’s which have a removable spiked ankle wrap. You can wear with or without to look conservative or edgy, and if in a squeeze you can buckle them together and make a belt! 

My most-wanted items are an Isabel Marant embroidered belt. I saw it once and still regret not picking it up; A grey pair of suede Gianvito Rossi heels; The Chloe Belt Bag; and Christie Nicolades Donatella Earrings.

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The top 10 items in my closet that you grab time and time again are:

Maje moto jacket

Isabel Marant studded sandals in black and tan.

My Charles & Keith bag from Singapore.

Noli yoga attire

Sandro coat

Vince open-toed platform heel

Nike Air running shoes 

Gianvito Rossi White Leather Boots

Veronica Beard Skirt(s)

Alix Bodysuit