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I live in my Common Project sneakers. Somehow Common Project was able to take the simple everyday sneaker and make it perfect. Can perfect really be an appropriate word to describe sneakers? They are so comfortable, they go with everything, and never go out of style.

Of course, my favorite things in my closet are my ARZEE Denim Jackets. Each jacket is limited edition and hand painted. They have themes that speak to the masses. One of my favorites especially right now is the “Love thy Neighbor” design. We try to send messages through fashion on these limited edition denim jackets. It’s literally like wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Adidas is so hot right now. I love my black windbreaker with the classic white stripes down the sides.

Garret Leight Brooks Sun Sunglasses are my go-to for any occasion - lazy Sunday brunch or  business meeting.

Babylonia BraceletsI discovered these in Greece 8 years ago and I never take it off my wrist.

Rolex Submariner 50th anniversary goes perfectly with the Babylonia Bracelets — and anything else you would ever wear. You’ll also never need another watch, this one is for a lifetime.

Winter’s coming - you need a Coach Shearling Moto Jacket.

Cotton Citizen Cobain Jogger in Jet Black, obviously.

I wear a lot of black white and grey so this Gucci backpack always adds a pop of color to my OOTD.

Adidas Ultra Boost for a workout or running around NYC all day. Like walking on clouds.