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I feel like I spent my 20s into my 30s in heels, dressed up and in the latest trends and designers, and now I’m dressing in a more practical and laid-back way for my lifestyle. 

How I dress now is all about comfort and ease, hence why we launched The Westside! I love re-defining casual in a chic way. I hate being overdressed or overdone. I’m super natural in every way. My sense of style is bohemian, comfortable and effortless. My go-to wardrobe essentials are jumpsuits, my Elder Statesman smoking cardigan, sweats by Aviator Nation or The Great and I always love a good coat

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Now, onto shoes. You’ll find a variety of furry shoes in my closet. From Chanel shearling booties to Gucci fur loafers to Prada moccasins to shearling Birkenstocks to fur-lined Crocs. Furry shoes for every season.