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Obviously The Last Line. Otherwise, I'm obsessed with antique and vintage jewelry. I love vintage clothing as well and enjoy going to the shows to find new treasures, if you’re in LA, pop into Filth Mart (1038 N Fairfax Ave, West Hollywood). 

I almost exclusively carry a vintage Chanel bag so I’m always on the hunt for a dope one.

I always (hopefully) have a pair of heart sunglasses, I’ve worn them forever and have no intention of stopping. My favorite are by Markus Lupfer.

My daily uniform: All day everyday, is that vintage Chanel bag or backpack, Jessie Kamm pants with a knotted T or sweater and flats. If I'm going out ill toss on a pair of heels or docs and a dress.

I have been collecting vintage T-shirts since I was 17, so now I’ve got THE BEST collection. Concert Ts, Tie Dye Ts, Band Ts, Funny T’s, Air Brushed T’s, Hand Painted T’s, Biker Ones, Car Ones, Ripped Ones and Cropped Ones — you name it, I have it. And for the last 10 years I've been collecting for my husband, so now I’ve got big ones and small ones too!