So you’re going to college. 

First things first, break up with your boyfriend. I know, I know, we’re heartless bitches and young love is true love, but college is all about meeting new friends and doing new things and you can’t do that when you’re basically in a relationship with your phone. So do yourself a favor and cut the cord. To cope with the heartbreak, let’s get excited for this next big adventure and design your dorm room. 

Start by picking a general color scheme so that everything in your little room goes and flows together. Think about what elements make you feel most at home — a cozy blanket, a bathrobe, a specific diffuser scent, chill music playing in the morning — make a list of these things and check them off as you start to pack. And, most importantly, Pin on Pinterest, and bring your inspiration to fruition like we’ve basically done for you below. There is no reason to roam the aisles of Target and get everything on the “I LOVE COLLEGE” checklist. No, we’re opting for a different decorating strategy so follow along because these are the things we think you really need.

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Area Rugs
Nothing warms up a room better than a rug, and depending on yours, you can either use one or layer a few for something cozy under your feet (and just for the record, this one might be our fave, because, Morocco).

Removable Wallpaper
Prices Vary
Removable wallpaper is a great way to add a vibe to your room without any long term damage (hey, security deposit!). We love them all, but this one (which looks an awful lot like something from our faves at Eskayel) is a winner for a Boho-Chic feeling, while this Mid-Century vibe will definitely dress your room up a bit.

5-Drawer Storage Unit
Because let’’s face it: You’re going to need extra storage, os make it chic.

Photo Clip String Lights
The ultimate multi-tasking room accessory: Hang your fave Instagram snaps while also lighting up your room with some ambiance-inducing string lights.

Lips Mirror
You know how we feel about rose gold and this mirror adds a little kitsch.

Neon Sign
Prices Vary
Seize the Day or Wake Up, Kick Ass and Repeat.

Some “Real” Art
Prices Vary
We’re obsesssed with this collaboration between Framebridge and Coveteur (and this one with Man Repeller), but you can also set up your own gallery wall (or use Washi Tape to create your own).

Prices Vary
If you’re a design junkie, you may consider a headboard for your new twin bed life.

NEWS FLASH: Dorm room beds are TWIN XL so make sure you get these. Or these if you’re going to be missing Park Avenue. Or if you’re a Rainbows All Day Every Day type of gal.

Foam Mattress Topper
Dorm room mattresses leave a lot to be desired, but this Bamboo Charcoal Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper not only will make your bed infinitely more comfy, it also has the added bonus of eliminating odors, regulating body temp and absorbing excess moisture (because night sweats).

Down Pillows
Pillows galore because disco naps during this time in your life are highly encouraged.  

Faux Fur Body Pillow
For when you need a snuggle but you’re also single.

A Throw Blanket
We love this waffle knit.

WIndow Shades
Because, Saturday night.

Get Some Greenery
Because if you can keep a plant alive, you’re ready for adulting.

Desk Accessories
Prices Vary
Because it is school, after all (also we’re kind of obsessed with these Yoobi Mini Highlighters).

A Projector
Get rid of the Sunday Scaries with some Netflix and Chill.

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones
Noise canceling headphones because you’ll have to do a little bit of work.



In the rare event that you have an ensuite bathroom: this.

A shower caddy because sharing a bathroom with all the girls in your hall is undoubtedly going to be kind of disgusting.

Monogram It
But make it cool with these robes and colorful towels.


A Bose Portable Speaker for pregames.

Fujifilm Instamax Mini Instant Camera
To capture epic frat parties and tailgates.

Solo Cups
But make them chic.