We don’t know about you, but with Memorial Day looming large, we’ll do anything to get ourselves bikini ready. But we also realize that what we really need to focus on is overall health and wellness, so we asked Dr, Nadia Musavvir, a naturopathic doctor who uses Eastern and Western philosophies and methods to restore the body’s normal physiology, to give us her 7 Ayurvedic (one of the world's oldest holistic — “whole-body” — healing systems) tips to get our bodies summer ready. Because looking great in a bikini is one thing, but feeling great is even better.

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I chose these items because I firmly believe that your habits and lifestyle are the best medicine. These are simple enough to be integrated into a routine and are potent enough to create physiologic change in the body. They also all work together to optimize function and efficiency of decreasing the body's toxic load, which due to the nature of our world is unprecedentedly higher than ever before. Once it's rosé season, health can take a backseat to parties and patios, but if there are ways to reduce the damage to our bodies while still having fun, why not, right?
— Dr Nadia

1. End showers with cold water
This is something I do daily. Why? It benefits your whole body by stimulating circulation, increasing oxygen and stimulating the immune system. A cold rinse also brings a healthy, rosy appearance to the skin. It’s the easiest thing you can do to feel instantly refreshed and energized. Caution if you have a heart condition though!

2. Nourish your liver with castor oil
Warm weather often gives us an excuse to indulge a little more — rosé all day, right? Your poor liver takes the hit, so an easy way to nourish it is by using an old technique of applying castor oil to the liver. Castor oil is extremely effective at reducing inflammation and stimulating detoxification and elimination — so much so that you can reap the benefits by applying it topically, on the upper right quadrant of the liver (do not take orally! It is a stimulant laxative). I recommend doing this at least 2-3 times per week if you find yourself overindulging.

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3. Move your lymph
The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system as well as part of the immune system — it also carries out waste or toxins. The thing is, lymph doesn’t move unless we move. When the lymphatic system gets congested, you may notice you feel more fatigued and puffy — not a good look for summer. Exercise is a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system, as is lymph brushing and massage. One of my favorite ways is with [my] Gua Sha: You can use it to massage the face to reduce any puffiness after eating (or drinking) too much and it’s easy to travel with.

4. Sauna
During colder months, it's natural to gravitate towards heavier foods and pack on a little extra weight. Saunas are a great way to stimulate detoxification. The hot air heats up the body allowing toxins to be released via the skin. Make sure to drink sufficient water afterward and rehydrate with electrolytes.

5. Choose alcohol wisely
Too much drink taxes the liver, triggers inflammation and makes you crave sugar. Be smart about what you are drinking and how much by  avoiding sugary drinks. You can supplement all the frosé with a lower sugar liquor such as vodka or tequila (both of which are also gluten-free) mixed with sparkling water and some bitters to detox while you retox. My favorite bitter to mix in drinks is this lavender lemon balm  bitter. These drinks also have your wellness in mind — basically water with a hint of booze added.

6. Increase mineral intake
 It would be almost stating the obvious to say that it’s important to stay hydrated, but what’s not always so obvious is that you need minerals to be optimally hydrated. Filtered waters are often lacking minerals. We lose minerals with sweating, poor diet that’s rich in grains and sugars, alcohol. Plus as it is, due to modern agricultural practices, soils are far less mineral and nutrient dense than they ever were. Supplementing with a trace mineral should definitely be added to your [summer] routine. So fill your bkr (because we’re also cleaning up house — no more plastic!) and add some mineral drops. I like these from Sakara because they contain rose water, making them extra refreshing on a hot day.

7. Clear out your plastic
Earth month is an ideal time to clear out toxins from your home and body, and it is easily one of the biggest changes you can make. As we know, plastics contain many chemicals that are known to be endocrine disruptors — in other words, they mess with hormone balance by either mimicking the action of hormones or blocking hormones from binding. Instead of making BPA the solution, here are some easy replacements with glass, bamboo or stainless steel (Ekobo , Lunchbot), getting a water filter (Berkey) and to avoid using plastic water bottles use (and use your Select 7 corcksicle), and invest in reusable straws and bags (Stasher).


Dr. Nadia Musavvir is a licensed naturopathic doctor using Eastern and Western philosophies and methods to restore the body’s normal physiology in order to get to the root of medical concerns. She offers customized solutions for health and aesthetic concerns for her patients. Her approach goes beyond symptom control and cosmetic treatments, instead, she provides patients with the necessary tools to create healing that starts from within and reflects outward. She is able to draw the link between emotions and health utilizing treatments to address the emotional body as well as the physical body.

Alongside her Naturopathic degree, Dr. Musavvir holds a bachelor’s of science in kinesiology as well as a health-coaching certificate. She has pursued additional training in her particular areas of interest allowing her treatments to encompass health coaching, functional medicine, craniosacral therapy as well as PRP facial & hair restoration treatments.*

Conditions seen: PCOS, PMS, aging/skin concerns, fatigue, weight management, IBS, digestive concerns Products: Bian Stone Gua Sha