Photograph by Duke Loren

Photograph by Duke Loren

We’ve all heard the saying that summer bodies are made in the winter, but frankly we were too busy eating cheese and drinking wine by the fire to be focused on our abs. Suddenly it’s full-on summer and we need to get bikini ready stat. OK, maybe not bikini ready, but at least out-of-a caftan ready. Anna Kaiser, the genius exercise guru behind luxury fitness chain AKT (Anna Kaiser Technique), shares her 7 best tips to quickly blitz our bodies into shape. Good luck to us all.

1. Yes. You Can Eat Carbs
You don’t have to give up pie or tequila, but splurge on carbs only AFTER a great cardio sesh when your metabolism is at its peak. Try to refrain on your days off (another reason to hit that AKT class on weekends!).

2. Stay Hydrated
Drink 32 oz of water or iced green tea (even better!) per day. Just keep it with you at all times to bump up your metabolism and keep you full longer.

3. Ramp Up Your Workouts
Up the frequency and intensity of your workouts. Add one more day and one more POWER workout (like CIRCUIT/HIIT) to get the most bang for your buck.

4. Get More Sleep
Hit the hay one hour earlier every night. Sleep is so important when it comes to losing weight. Getting 8+ hours of sleep per night will help you recover and lose the weight quicker.

5. Say Thanks but No Thanks to Dessert
Cut out processed sugar and wine to eliminate inflammation, help with energy and speed up your results. Plus, you’ll be more motivated to get up and work out in the morning. Hungry but already had your meals for the day? Try meditating for 5 minutes with a cup of hot tea and see if it calms your cravings. Sometimes our mind plays tricks on us.

6.  Catch a Sunrise
Workout first thing in the morning to make sure you get it in. Go for a speedy walk after dinner to cut your cravings and speed up your metabolism. Bring a friend for conversation and accountability.

7.  Be Consistent
It’s all about consistency, so make sure wherever you are — even on vacation — you’re getting your workouts in. There are some great apps you can use on your phone wherever you are in the world — check out the AKT workouts online (shameless plus!) to keep up your progress going. The more consistent you are, the faster you’ll see those results kick in.

about anna

Anna Kaiser is an American fitness authority and entrepreneur. After earning a BFA in Dance from the University of California in 2002 (Cum Laude), she studied kinesiology, sports medicine, and functional anatomy at Mount Sinai Medical Center. She then went on to acquire teaching certificates in Pre/Post Natal, Pilates, TRX (Total Body ResistanceExercise), and NASM (The National Academy of Sports Medicine). Prior to committing to a career in fitness, Anna was a professional dancer and choreographer for over 20 years. Her journey in fitness paralleled her career as a dancer.  She wanted to find a way to fuse the fun and celebratory spirit of dance with the efficacy of interval training. Her reputation for results quickly made her the preferred trainer of such celebrities as KellyRipa, Shakira, Karlie Kloss, Alicia Keys, and Sarah Jessica Parker.  Anna has been featured in Vogue, The NYTimes, Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, The Today Show, Good Morning America, SELF, Glamour, Shape, WWD, E!, In Style, W Magazine, Women’s Health, Well&Good, and she co-hosted the prime time ABC series “My Diet Is Better Than Yours.” Her experience as an artist, coupled with her expertise in fitness, led her to create her own brand and chain of luxury fitness studios, AKT (Anna Kaiser Technique).She officially partnered with Xponential Fitness in March 2018 to open 500 studios nationwide by 2021.