My hair drama goes back about a half a century when I spritzed my hair with Sun In for the first time (who here remembers Sun In?) and watched in horror as my mousy brown hair turned not blonde as promised, but Bozo the Clown ORANGE. Since that dreadful day, my hair story has sometimes been a love story, sometimes sci-fi, sometimes a tearjerker and more often than not, a drama. So you can imagine that I’m always on the lookout for tips that work, and I finally found them with the help of hairstylist Helen Reavey, the Goddess of tresses. Reavey, who got her start working under hair legend Sam McKnight, is the genius responsible for creating countless looks on the runway and in a myriad of editorials. She’s also the founder of her own scalp-focused haircare label, Act + Acre, and most importantly, she’s a spiller of secrets, so read on for your best hair ever.

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1. Act+Acre Scalp Detox, Hair Cleanse and Hair Conditioner 
Lifeless hair is usually a sign of an unhealthy scalp, which can occur when there’s build up from products and pollution. Our nutrient-rich Act + Acre detox, cleanse and conditioner works to remove that build up as well as deliver moisturizing nutrients to your hair follicles. 

2. Mason Pearson Brush
I‘m very selective about the type of brush that I use since anything too course or plastic is awful for the health of your hair. Right now, I am loving Mason Pearson’s brush, which is made up of a combination of nylon and boar bristles that are super gentle, but also strong enough to detangle the toughest knots. It also works wonders to smooth hair and make it incredibly shiny. 

3. RECESS Hair Blotters
These blotters are a healthier alternative to dry shampoo, as they remove excess moisture without the build-up of any unhealthy chemicals. I keep them handy whenever I’m doing a  photoshoot outside in the heat (hello New York summers!) and am always amazed at how absorbent they are. 

4. Slip Skinny Silk Scrunchies 
These Slip Skinny Silk Hair Scrunchies are made with luxurious silk so they won’t dent or damage your hair. They also come in a wide variety of colors to suit all style preferences! 

5. The Nue Co. Immunity Defense Drops
Healthy hair comes from a healthy immune system. I have been using these drops for nearly two years now and have seen a noticeable difference in my immune system. I travel so often for my line of work that I used to find myself constantly exhausted and run down after getting off a long plane, but since these drops have become a staple in my travel bag, I’ve never felt healthier! 

6. Sam McKnight ‘Cool Girl Barely There’ Texture Mist 
This mist works really well when you’re running from the office to an event and need to texturize your hair. It’s perfect for creating that Kate Moss easy and undone look.

7. Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 
Since I am blonde, I always do an Olaplaex treatment after getting my color done. It’s great for protecting hair from chemical damage as the formula rebuilds broken hair bonds. 

about helen

Like so many before her, Helen Reaveycame to New York to pursue her dream. The risks and the rewards of leaving Dublin, Ireland to break into the international world of hair and fashion have paid off big time. Impressed with her enthusiasm and willingness to learn, Helen scored a gig with hair legend Sam McKnight Sam McKnight  and worked under his direction for four years. Helen is now leading her own shows during fashion week in addition to collaborating with the industry’s top photographers on editorials and advertising campaigns. In December of 2018, Helen launched Act + Acre, a wellness haircare line unlike any other on the market.