In case you thought olive oil was just for pasta, think again. Aishwarya Iyer, the brilliant babe behind the modern olive oil brand, Brightland, uses EVOO in many more ways than you would have ever though possible, and given how good it is for you, we’re in for it all. Here she shares her 7 ways to showcase how olive oil can be celebrated and used in unexpected — and amazing — ways.

1. Drizzle it on ice cream
Drizzling Brightland on some plain old vanilla bean ice cream is the most underrated but elevated dessert trick: it’s luscious and luxurious and your dinner party guests won’t stop talking about it. Add a little sea salt and you’re a genius. This pairing is also a major hit with kids! *Note: We love Van Leeuwen’s Vanilla Bean because it’s perfectly creamy.

2. Make a citrus salad
I adore grabbing some oranges, grapefruit, kiwi and mango from the farmer’s market and making a quick, easy salad with it, drizzled with Brightland, of course. Add CAP Beauty Pink Mountain Salt to the dish which is incredibly potent and adds an extra dimension.

3. Add to fruit + chocolate for a winning combo
My favorite chocolatier these days is Dandelion Chocolate (try the Costa Esmeraldas. Trust). They are so wonderful at what they do, and their retail outpost in downtown LA (787 S Alameda Street #120, Los Angeles; +1 415 349 0942) is a dream. I love taking chunks of their chocolate and adding it to stone fruit (plums, peaches and cherries) and drizzling Brightland on top.

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4. The Brightland Martini
Yes, an olive oil martini can exist and yes it is marvelous, especially paired with our favorite gin, Pomp & Whimsy, a woman-owned gin liqueur company that is producing something very special.

5. Make Pancakes
The best way to wake up: Pancakes made with LUCID, our lemon olive oil. We use it as a substitute for butter and it’s the perfect way to brighten pancakes — the entire day.

6. An olive oil smoothie
One of my friends, the founder of Palermo Body, shared that she uses Brightland in her smoothies! It’s loaded with antioxidants, fatty acids and all of the good stuff that a great extra virgin olive oil provides.

7. A decadent dessert
Another decadent treat: Chocolate ice cream with chopped figs, port wine (Quinta de la Rosa is phenomenal and pairs beautifully with Brightland) and Brightland drizzled on top. It’s not kid-friendly but it’s one of the most memorable desserts you can share with guests.

about aishwarya

Aishwarya Iyer is the Founder and CEO of Brightland, a new, modern kitchen essentials brand with hero products of handcrafted California-made extra virgin olive oil. Aishwarya previously worked at a number of venture-backed technology startups in New York City and LA in public affairs and corporate communications, and she started her career at L'Oreal within the luxury products division at Lancome. Aishwarya currently calls Los Angeles home.